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The SkyDox file sharing and collaboration platform allows users to quickly and simply share and collaborate on files in a secure environment. The platform harnesses social business and cloud technology to deliver a feature-rich collaborative experience.SkyDox integration with Microsoft Sharepoint. Sharepoint logo

SkyDox has a unique approach to helping organizations leverage investments in Microsoft SharePoint, which according to some analysts represents 65% of all ECM deployments worldwide. SkyDox offers bi-directional integration between SharePoint 2007 or 2010 document libraries as well as SharePoint web-parts. SkyDox extends the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint with instant file viewing, file sharing and IM-style commenting with distributed teams working inside or outside of the corporate firewall.

SkyDox drives team productivity both for SharePoint-authorized users as well as external collaborators by:

  • Allowing users to view and exchange content specific comments on over 200 types of files without having to download the file or leave SharePoint
  • Adding a range of social business tools to any SharePoint workspace, including presence indicators, activity streams, and IM-style commenting
  • Providing file, folder, and user-level tracking and audit trails, including views and comments tracking
  • Enabling users to share files with individuals
  • Enabling users to share documents without removing them from SharePoint
  • Allowing users to set permissions for viewing, downloading, commenting, and printing documents managed within SharePoint
  • Delivering two-way integration that synchronizes current document and asset repository to a SkyDox online, negating the requirement to upload large amounts of data into the cloud 
  • Providing the flexibility to build custom workflow required for document routing as part of a bespoke development client

SkyDox tools address challenges that can make SharePoint adoption more efficient and successful by:

  • Improving document review and feedback procedures
  • Expanding document collaboration teams to include authenticated external contributors
  • Extending secure access to files stored within SharePoint to any mobile device
  • Maintaining unified audit trials of all communications and changes to a file throughout its life-cycle
  • Adding file-based conference calling and online meetings to any file SharePoint workspace
  • Reducing the instances when less-secure, un-integrated file-sharing tools are used
  • Eliminating the need to remove files from SharePoint in order to share or collaborate on them through email
  • Reducing network overheads by bringing users to a single version of a file

For more details about SkyDox for SharePoint, please contact SkyDox sales to receive our new white paper.

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"SkyDox has a unique approach to collaboration and file sharing, and the seamless integration of its search and collaboration tools into SharePoint really drives value for private and public sector users alike"

John Hunter
Head of IT ECHR

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