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These informative, short videos are an introduction to the benefits and popular features of the SkyDox platform. 

Store & Sync:

This video introduces the idea of cloud storage by showing how easy it is to upload and download files, work on them offline, and view them from a smartphone or tablet.

Share Securely:

This video demonstrates how with SkyDox, many users can securely access the same file at the same time so approval and publishing can be made simple.

Advanced Collaboration:

This video takes users through a document’s lifecycle, highlighting features such as access rights, IM-style commenting, and multiple sharing groups for the same document.

Deliver with Control:

This video will show how delivering files is made simple by SkyDox while giving the user flexible control with access rights, email alerts, and file tracking.

Simple File Management:

This video introduces the concept of document-centric organization by showing how SkyDox allows users to organize his or her file into a folder, which then becomes the place for sharing, tracking, commenting, audit trails, and managing team members.

For a more detailed view and step-by-step instructions for using SkyDox, please view our how-to video guides.

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