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SkyDox collaboration channels - Mobile SkyDox Mobile caters to business users on the move. As increasing numbers of people work from home, on client sites or in shared work spaces or while traveling, the ability access their while away from an office has become a business imperative. SkyDox Mobile gives users access to their secure file depository from any mobile device, keeping them informed and up to date regardless of where they are working. Having the ability to collaborate and interact with colleagues while in transit improves productivity dramatically and enables teams to meet tight project delivery schedules.

Device types

Many users are moving away from traditional PCs and laptops in favour of a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PDAs. In the past supporting multiple types of devices created issues for internal IT teams when managing access rights, data security issues policies and application licencing. SkyDox mobile removes these obstacles. The SkyDox platform is accessed using a device‚Äôs browser without the need to download an application. SkyDox Mobile supports a wide range of device types and browsers, ensuring teams can get access to their files regardless of device types or even consistency of device across the group or organization. 


Users accessing SkyDox on their mobile devices are able to view their files and folders, respond to and leave comments for others, share files, and set and change access rights. With SkyDox mobile, users and collaborative teams can be as effective on the move as they are in the office.

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