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The SkyDox platform offers a rich set of tools that optimize collaborative experiences for any size team or organization. Designed specifically for sectors with a high degree of collaborative working, SkyDox is available in two editions: the Enterprise Edition and the Business Edition. Each edition enables users to search, store, deliver, manage, and simultaneously co-author documents in real time through an intuitive user interface.

SkyDox Enterprise Edition 

SkyDox Enterprise Edition License Option, the logo with the internet.SkyDox Enterprise Edition is designed exclusively for larger organizations and those that require hightened data control or integration with legacy systems. This edition delivers enterprise-grade security and availability and is supported by up to 99.999% SLA with deployment options for public, private, or behind the enterprise firewall hybrid cloud configurations. Custom development services and data locations in Europe, Asia and North America are also available depending on customer needs. 

Enterprise features:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Full collaboration (IM-style commenting, tagged commenting, presence indicator, and alerts)
  • Multiple managed sub-accounts within the Enterprise
  • Free guest use with low-friction access
  • Advanced file and content management
  • Microsoft Office integration 
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration
  • Detailed file and user analytics and audit trails
  • Detailed system analytics and controls
  • Full text search
  • Web-based meetings
  • Conference calling
  • Private discussion groups
  • Flexible storage options
  • Mobile access and views 
  • 200+ users

SkyDox Business Edition 

SkyDox Business Edition License OptionDesigned for small to medium-size teams and organizations, the Business Edition provides a subset of functionality included in the Enterprise Edition. As with SkyDox Enterprise, this Edition supports fully-functional mobile access so users can access folders and files for review and comment on any mobile device. The Business Edition storage allowance is suited to organizations that require up to 500 GB, and is supported by an SLA of up to 99.9%. 

Business features:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Full collaboration (IM-style commenting, tagged commenting, presence indicator, and alerts)
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Free guest use with low-friction access
  • Private discussion groups
  • Mobile access
  • 3-200 users 
  • 500 GB storage

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