Secure, scalable, cloud-computing deployments

SkyDox flexible deployment options enable organizations to leverage a secure, scalable, cloud-computing infrastructure for file sharing and collaboration. SkyDox offers cost-effective solutions for organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies to provide a global 24/7 service and to reduce capital expenditure.

The SkyDox platform facilitates elastic consumption, self-service, and pay-as-you-go pricing. The secure file sharing and collaboration infrastructure can be incorporated into large data centers to take advantage of significant economies of scale in three areas:

  • Supply-side savings: Large-scale data centers lower costs per CPU.
  • Demand-side aggregation: Aggregating demand for computing across multiple clients smooths overall variability, allowing server utilisation rates to increase, spikes in demand to be serviced, and network demands to be met efficiently.
  • Multi-tenancy efficiency: With a multi-tenant application model, SkyDox lowers application management and server cost and enhances energy efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud 

For organizations that require direct control and onsite management of their digital content, the SkyDox platform can be installed behind a corporate firewall. SkyDox Hybrid Cloud delivers the same rich functionality as the other deployment options, enabling data portability and rapid access to collaborative workspaces whether the team is accessing content on premise, from a remote location or mobile device, or as a guest.

Private Cloud

SkyDox Private Cloud offers a heightened level of control over data and file location, while still benefitting from the efficiencies and cost savings of a highly secure, hosted solution. A SkyDox Private Cloud infrastructure is operated solely for discrete customers. It may be managed by the organization or an external third party.

Public Cloud

A SkyDox Public Cloud deployment leverages a state of the art data hosting infrastructure to deliver the full range of SkyDox features in a highly secured environment. This service is managed by SkyDox.

SkyDox cloud hosting partners are SAS 70, ISO 20071, HIPAA, and FDA-certified; and provide complete data location services in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Enterprise Solutions

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