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The SkyDox platform enables individuals, teams, clients, partners, and suppliers to benefit from a seamless collaboration experience, delivered through a range of collaboration channels that are suited to the varying needs and preferences of the end users.

SkyDox collaboration channels - Online

SkyDox Online

SkyDox Online allows users to access all files and folders via any web browser and offers the complete set of SkyDox collaboration platform features.
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Sky Dox Website Icons Desktop

SkyDox Desktop

SkyDox Desktop is ideal for individuals or organisations that want to collaborate, review, and comment on documents without the use of a web browser or Microsoft Office. SkyDox Desktop also keeps local copies of files and folders in sync with the central cloud store, making sure that everyone has the latest version and allowing users to continue working while offline.

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SkyDox collaboration channels - Mobile

SkyDox Mobile

SkyDox Mobile makes collaboration and file sharing easy for users on the move. Without the need to install a propriety application users and their guests can view, share and comment on files using any mobile device with a web browser while all content remains auditable and protected from loss. SkyDox Mobile is available on any browser-enabled device, including tablets, smartphones, and other hand-held devices such as PDAs. SkyDox supports of over 20 operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Phone and Nokia.

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