Controlled, Secure File Sharing

Collaboration is not the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with legal documentation, but every time a contract is sent to a client by email for review or a form is sent for a signature, collaboration is taking place and, more importantly, it’s most often uncontrolled. Documents can often be modified and shared without a team’s knowledge while in the control of clients and their partners. 

Protecting the confidentiality of legal documents is paramount, and distribution by channels such as email leaves them open to misuse or unauthorized exposure, review, editing and distribution. SkyDox’s secure platform allows documents to be stored and shared with distributed or cross-functional teams with access given to clients, enabling them to view and comment on them. The audit history shows not only when a document was viewed but also who viewed it and which pages they viewed. 

Technology for legal teams

It’s critical to be able to track revisions, especially when a document can be viewed and changed by multiple parties. Uploading to SkyDox gives the benefits of version control, with copies of a document controlled and changes tracked from one version to the next.

With integration into both Microsoft Office, SharePoint and other DMS and ECM systems, SkyDox complements and extends a firm’s ability to evolve and deliver documents and other files.

With SkyDox control and security over documents is extended to clients and partners.

SkyDox provides:

  • A password-protected, secure collaboration and file delivery platform.
  • Ability to grant or remove access rights on a per-file and per-folder basis.
  • Email alerts when any user or guest makes a comment or accesses a document for the first time.
  • Integration into Microsoft Office and SharePoint.
  • Track activity by person or file type.
  • Track and manage comments, feedback and final version approvals in one place.
  • Respond to and execute changes requested by multiple parties.

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Case Study

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) embraces SkyDox’s Web 2.0 searching and sharing functionality to improve document dissemination.

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