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With so many products and solutions available today for implementing enterprise mobility projects, IT departments are faced with a challenged with finding a solution that best fits end-user requirements while maintaining the security and compliance framework set by the organization. 

This in itself makes the ICT landscape more complex – even before bringing the consumerization of IT, the explosion of digital device formats and corresponding operating systems, and the preferences of the varying user groups being brought into play. Add to this the fact that a growing range of consumer applications are tempting enterprise users to share files and collaborate in an unsecure environment, which in turn means that organizations may lose important information or expose confidential intellectual property or infringe privacy, data back-up and disclosure legislation.

The proliferation of devices brings both opportunity and challenges to the customer-facing enterprise. Organizations are often faced with a choice of allowing individuals to download and use of untested mobile applications onto corporate or personal mobile devices with a or without or closing the channel completely. Today neither of these approaches works as they should, with most users finding a work-around for sharing files and collaborating using unapproved services and devices, which remain unsynchronized and do not facilitate an auditable activity trail by user or file type.

SkyDox helps organizations meet these challenges by providing a highly secure, rich collaboration experience through any browser enabled device. Designed with mobile devices in mind, SkyDox Mobile ensures that intellectual property is protected while at rest in the cloud. All files are encrypted for upload, download, and while in transit. Only authenticated users gain access to secure folders and workspaces, which encrypted. Files can only be accessed with a secure, user-generated password.

Users benefit from the full set of available collaboration features:

  • Flexible and accurate mobile file rendering
  • Upload and download files, as required, quickly and easily
  • Invite guests to collaborate on documents and files as required
  • Activity alert 
  • Presence features 
  • Online meetings in real time
  • IM style commenting and tagged commenting
  • Use of native mobile apps for updates or SkyDox for commenting

The characteristics of the workforce are changing, and savvy organizations must recognize the trends and prepare for new models of computing and collaboration. 

  • In some areas of the economy, knowledge workers account for 75% of the workforce.(McKinsey)
  • 85% of new roles in the US in the last decade have been knowledge workers. (IDC).
  • Knowledge workers are paid 50% more than counterparts. .(IDC).
  • 70% of organizations embrace teleworkers.(Forrester).
  • 62% of workers also work outside the office (Forrester).
  • 42% of workers also work at two or more locations outside the firewall (Gartner).
  • Over 70% of iPads used in the corporate environment are purchased by the employee (Forrester).
  • Over 50% of smartphones in the work environment are purchased by the employee (Forrester).

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