Carbon Neutral Collaboration

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SkyDox is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint in its own operations, as well as helping customers reduce their environmental impact when creating, sharing and storing files.

Doing your part

Businesses create and share thousands of files every day. The volume and velocity of presentations, spread sheets, design, graphics, reports, proposals, and multimedia files sent through the Internet and VPNs, as well as being physically transported is increasing, and with it the carbon footprint of most businesses.

The SkyDox platform helps organisations improve their operational efficiency by reducing staff-related costs associated with file sharing and collaboration, while also introducing a sustainable way to reduce CO2 emissions.

The environmental benefits of using SkyDox include:

  • Reduced courier & overnight deliveries, resulting in less pollution and fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduced paper consumption for file printing as well as envelopes and packaging for shipping
  • Reduced travel to meetings
  • Reduced data storage consumption as compared to email attachment storage
  • Reduced data storage consumption as compared legacy enterprise content management systems that store full copies of every version rather than just the changes

Doing our part

SkyDox has a small carbon footprint. We are conscious of our environmental impact so we have policies in place to maintain this as we grow: 

  • Employees recycle food cartons, product packaging, and office paper – and use recycled paper for printing.
  • Employees turn off computers and lights when they leave at night.
  • Employees with long commutes take advantage of carpooling and telecommuting.
  • Employees take advantage of web conferencing to minimize car and air travel.
  • Document shipping by courier is expressly forbidden.

Energy Efficient Data Center Operations

SkyDox is committed to working with data center providers that design and maintain sustainable operations, with an overt focus on continuous improvements in their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), optimising energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions and waste.

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SkyDox’s partners have pioneered modular architecture for data centers. They have improved their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) through a mix of design, procurement, and operational measures, including the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), free cooling and VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), and custom-designed cold and hot aisle containment solutions to support high-power densities more efficiently. SkyDox’s partners have also significantly reduced their overall emissions by obtaining the majority of the power for their data centers from renewable energy sources.

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