Punter Southall Keeps One Step Ahead with SkyDox

The business was originally set up to introduce a fresh, competitive presence to a largely static pension services market and primarily to put client service first. It has since been at the forefront of adopting bleeding-edge technology in order to deliver award-winning services while helping improve operational efficiencies.

The Challenge

The Punter Southall Group encourages an entrepreneurial and innovative approach within its broad range of businesses. This ability to move fast and to offer secure IT services centrally to its portfolio of companies across its international footprint has enabled the Group to grow rapidly and over the past 20 years establish itself as a major player within markets as diverse as actuarial consulting, pension fund administration, wealth management, and financial advice. Operating in a regulated and information-orientated industry, the provision of a platform that could provide enterprise-class data security was extremely important, as was the ability to protect intellectual property.

The Solution

Over the past two years the Group has carried out a complete technology upgrade, including building a new data center and virtual computing environment – and undergoing a desktop hardware and software refresh. In this process IT Services identified a requirement for file sharing and collaboration and recognized in SkyDox a unique ability to instantly create collaborative groups to focus on new opportunities. Given the fluid and dynamic nature of the Group’s business, the membership of these groups is constantly changing, rendering conventional document management solutions insufficiently agile to meet this need. IT Services has been piloting the use of SkyDox within their own team and, following a successful trial, plan to extend SkyDox to all parts of the business during 2012.

The Group’s technology improvements are laying the groundwork upon which it can continue to expand rapidly and introduce new products and services for its customers. In its next phase of development, the IT Services department plans to further extend solutions that will underpin and support the continued rapid growth of the business. In addition to SkyDox, tools already deployed include Microsoft’s SharePoint and CRM Dynamics, and IBM’s FileNet. John Rogers, IT Director at Punter Southall Group comments,

“We are impressed with the way in which SkyDox has been designed to work the same way people do, supporting their ability to work together and share documents, while retaining important controls over security and confidentiality. It offers a tremendous opportunity within the Group because of its ability to support an entrepreneurial and creative approach to business.”

Punter Southall Group provides a unique combination of actuarial, pensions consultancy, administration and investment services specifically for pension scheme trustees, corporate sponsors, private clients, and institutions.

The company employs 800 staff in eight business units operating in a range of market sectors with offices across the UK and North America. The Group has approximately $12.3 billion assets under management and $27.7 billion assets under advice.

What SkyDox Delivered

  • Files are shared securely in an online, structured workspace for easy access and distribution.
  • Staff can preview, comment and share files with other team members using any browser-enabled device including mobiles and tablets.
  • Refined full-text search with filters support control of a vast library of documentation, files, and content.
  • Comments can be tagged to a specific word or area within a document or design, making it easier to clearly indicate where changes are required.
  • Full-document and user audit trails allow for insight at a page level.
  • Document-level activity feeds and presence indicator improve real-time collaboration opportunity.
  • Accurate online rendering is supported for over 200 file formats, including PPT, Word, Excel and PDF files, all commonly used for research resources and proposals.
  • Large files and extra-large files support reduces the reliance on FTP and unauditable file sharing applications.
  • Document-centric conference calls and online meetings can be started from the single platform.
  • SkyDox encourages improved intercompany co-working, client relationships, and productivity gains.

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