Powering FutureBrand Client Collaboration

The award-winning advertising agency was looking for a secure file sharing and collaboration solution for its agency-side and client-side teams.

The Challenge

With over 25 offices worldwide, it is essential that FutureBrand harnesses the intellectual capital of its distributed teams, allowing them to share and collaborate on documents of all types quickly and securely, across agency and client-side teams, without having to use multiple tools and systems.

The challenge was to provide both agency staff and client-side users a simple tool that allowed them to continue to use the productivity applications they were already using. In addition, the tool needed to ensure that there was a full audit trail of activity around projects and documents from inception and creation to final execution.

The Solution

FutureBrand chose SkyDox’s secure file sharing and collaboration platform because of its accurate online document rendering capabilities and the fact that it allowed agency staff and client-side users to continue to use familiar productivity applications.

FutureBrand Design Director Adam Murphy said, “I had been searching for an integrated file sharing and collaboration platform for some time before a client – a large telecommunications firm, one of the largest in Europe – proposed using SkyDox to improve the efficiency of collaboration between itself and the agency network.”

FutureBrand had tried many other collaboration tools over the years that sounded promising but which turned out to be too complex for agency staff and client-side users. The tools overlapped with applications already deployed and often could not render files to the same quality and formats of the originals. “SkyDox however does what it says on the tin,” said Murphy.

FutureBrand also benefitted from the way SkyDox addresses collaboration issues. FutureBrand originally gathered feedback on concepts and designs through a combination of email and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services. However, they found these methods to be inefficient.

Murphy said, “Agency staff where regularly spending a good 30% of their time trying to collate feedback from multiple parties and then acting on them only to find that they had missed key feedback from clients. It leads to large operational inefficiencies and, indeed, impacts client satisfaction.”

By switching to SkyDox’s document-centric content management system, comments and revisions were kept in one place, rather than being scattered across document versions and emails, which increased FutureBrand’s productivity.

SkyDox’s document-centric content management also meant that there were tools available for full audit trails around each project. “SkyDox provides us with a secure, online, cloud-enabled workspace,” Murphy concluded.

What FutureBrand Does...

FutureBrand, a global branding firm and a subsidiary of McCann Worldgroup, has been at the forefront of branding innovation and customer experience creation for over a decade. Their team of creative strategists, researchers, product designers, and future thinkers has helped companies in every sector to build true ‘futurebrands’. Their branding strategies transform the future potential and fortunes of their clients and help them shape their future.

What SkyDox Delivered...

  • Files are shared more securely in an online, structured workspace.
  • Reviewers can preview, comment on, and share files with other team members using any browser-enabled device, including mobiles and tablets.
  • Comments can be tagged to a specific word or area within a document or design, making it easier to clearly indicate where changes are required.
  • Full document and user audit trails allow page-level insight.
  • Document-level activity feeds and presence indicators improve real-time collaboration.
  • Accurate online rendering of over 200 file formats, including PSD, PDF and other Adobe Creative Suite files, yields more effective and efficient collaboration.
  • Extra-large-file support reduces the unnecessary reliance on FTP and unauditable files sharing applications.
  • Document-centric conference calls and online meetings are started from a single platform.
  • Automated PDF rendering reduces the time for production of final creative for client approval.
  • Improved client relationships and productivity gains are achieved through a streamlined collaborative process.

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