The Email Attachment Turns 20!

Written by Ainsley

Last week was the 20th anniversary of the email attachment. It’s strange to think that back in 1992 when slouch socks and the Grunge look were in fashion, the attachment’s inventor, Nathaniel Borenstein, was getting ready to send the world’s first email attachment – an audio recording of a jingle he and his three colleagues had written. Considering that every day people still use email attachments to share audio files and other inside jokes with their friends, it feels like in two decades attachments haven’t changed that much.

But that’s really the problem. Many employees still think of email attachments as harmless and risk-free. We feel that Toby Shapshack, editor of Stuff magazine, says it best when he comments that email’s “evolved into something it was never intended for: It’s become some kind of amalgamated to-do list and data repository for user names and passwords, important documents and assorted ‘must keep’ items.”

Email is a great tool, but in any environment where security is a concern, it should really be used only for its original purpose as a text-based communications medium. Email security is nowhere near where it needs to be for employees to be sharing enterprises’ data beyond the corporate firewall.

So with email reaching the petulant age of 20, isn’t it time that it grew up?

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