SkyDox is now a fully accredited G-Cloud supplier

Written by Ainsley Whalen

We’re happy to announce that we have been awarded a “Framework Agreement for the Provision of G-Cloud Services” by the Cabinet Office. This means that we are fully accredited to provide SaaS-based services to any public sector organization, including local authorities and government departments.

Experts predict that by 2015, 80% of government departments could be using various aspects of the G-Cloud. And because SkyDox allows users to securely share files and collaborate easily, we are well-positioned to become an integral part of the internal Government App Store, allowing our service to be easily adopted by public sector organizations, local authorities, and government departments.

The SkyDox cloud-enabled platform will save government departments and public sector organizations money as well as help improve the productivity of the public sector workforce. These days, this is particularly important since the coalition government is setting out comprehensive spending cuts of 20%. 

The use of cloud-enabled infrastructure and services across government organizations is more relevant than ever, and SkyDox is looking forward to helping lead the way for file sharing, document synchronization, storage, and collaboration.

Read the full press release here

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