SkyDox helps 1stPageProphets Streamline Collaborative Process

Written by Alison Johnston

Agency to drive efficiency when creating, reviewing and seeking document and content approval from clients. SkyDox replaces email as a document sharing platform, improving security and auditability. Extra large and complex file support architecture delivers improved customer experience

SkyDox, a leading provider of cloud based file sharing and collaboration tools for cross functional and distributed teams today announced that it has been selected by 1stPageProphets, a provider of Search Engine Optimization services,  to provide a document sharing and collaboration platform for use with clients, suppliers, prospects and other third parties.

1stPageProphets uses SkyDox to share and collaborate on rate cards proposals and creative concepts, as well as other confidential documents in a secure online environment.

SkyDox replaces email for file sharing and collaboration, thereby giving 1stPageProphets much greater control and coordination of interactions in addition to eliminating the security risk posed by sharing sensitive information via email.

SkyDox allows agencies to set up highly secure online workspaces for clients who are able then able to comment on, download and review documents in real time, streamlining the collaborative process. SkyDox's feature-rich functionality goes beyond basic collaboration offered by existing tools, enabling users to search, store, deliver, and manage files in addition to simultaneously co-author and collaborate on documents through a single, easy-to-use user interface. Team members are notified when files are uploaded or modified and when new comments and annotations are posted. In addition, live messaging, presence, online meeting and tagged commenting features deliver a document centric collaboration experience for both agency and clients alike.

CEO Mike Bradley comments, “SkyDox is the perfect solution to any agency wanting to effectively collaborate with existing and potential clients, without spending large amounts of time and resource reviewing and approving documents. The platform allows us to collaborate using any browser-enabled desktop, laptop or mobile device in a highly-secure, fully-encrypted, permission-based environment.”

The SkyDox platform ensures that all parties are updating or viewing a single version of a document which means that all individuals work on the most recent document at all times, eliminating; duplication of work effort, the need to deal with clashing feedback and versioning issues. This also reduces the cost of storage and networking. Compatible with over 200 file types the SkyDox platform allows agencies to share and collaborate on the most widely used productivity tools and file formats in the agency field including; Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat Microsoft PPT, Word and XLS.

By assigning folder and document level access rights in the client workspace, agencies can also prevent the downloading or passing on confidential files such as rate cards and intellectual property to another party without authorization while still allowing users to benefit from document centric collaboration. The ability to track document access and viewing at a page level also allows the agency to determine if and when the document was opened, who it was shared with and which pages third parties spent most time on. This unprecedented level of detail helps agencies prepare for commercial discussions and follow up, track and action amendments accurately.

Ali Moinuddin, SkyDox CMO, comments “We help agencies keep full control of sensitive documents and design IP while facilitating a deep level of interaction and collaboration between the agency and the client. What's more we allow agencies to track client activity surrounding documents, and evolve them in real time and ultimately drive client satisfaction.”

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