SkyDox at the Olympics!

Written by Holly Mills

Now that the London 2012 Olympic Games have drawn to a close, Team GB’s outstanding medal count of 65 has truly inspired the team at SkyDox HQ! There are a lot of qualities you can gain from simply watching sport, and seeing the successes over the past two weeks has taught us that with hard work, passion, and dedication, anything is possible! But what does cloud computing and SkyDox have to do with the Olympic Games? More than you might think!

Being based in central London, the atmosphere leading up to London 2012 was a combination of excitement, anticipation, and all out fear. Why fear? Two words - London transport. How would our intricate road, bus, and tube systems cope with the surplus of people going to Olympic events when it struggles to survive during a regular rush hour morning?Olympic Blog   Closing Ceremony

As the fear hype grew, regular workers who make the daily commute to London began to panic. As day one of the Olympics rolled around, my fears were lifted to find the tube carriage almost empty. Where was everyone? Working from home. According to Forrester as much as 62% of workers already spend their time working at locations other than the office. So how do employees gain access to files in the office while still working efficiently from home? Through the use of the cloud of course!

BYOD bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the ability to be a mobile worker are now crucial elements for the workforce. To have a cloud-enabled platform that gives you the flexibility to be able to access, share, store, and review work files from anywhere, using any browser-enabled device, is now more important than ever.

In addition to all those who were working from home (or skiving) there were also those who wanted to be a part of the action! To be able to watch the Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was lucky enough to nab some of those precious tickets. However, as it was a Wednesday morning and I had to give short notice, I still had responsibilities and work that needed to be done. Thankfully the proposal that required edits had been shared on my SkyDox account, so I could sit in the stands at the hockey stadium enjoying the game while keeping tabs of the proposal and fulfilling my responsibilities through my smart phone.

Here is a photo of our great seats at the beautiful Riverside Stadium:

Olympic Blog   Stadium Photo

The closing ceremony of London 2012 on Sunday was a spectacular ending to a fabulous 19 days of sporting endeavour. Watched by 26.3 million in the UK alone, once again London proved to the world what a force it could be and we could not be prouder of what our city has achieved!

Well done London and well done Team GB!

Here at SkyDox we hope that our platform has given users the flexibility to enjoy the Games. Whether our customers chose to work at home away from the Olympic frenzy or in the midst of the madness in the Olympic Park, the mobility of the platform has allowed all to work from anywhere and on any device.

For now London has gone back to normal, that is, until two weeks’ time when the 2012 Paralympic Games begin! Once again the ease and flexibility of the SkyDox platform will be apparent as people utilise the benefits of cloud to attend the sporting madness!

For more information on workforce mobilization, check out our research report found here. The report goes into further detail of mobile working trends that employees are currently following and what I.T. departments should be doing about them.

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