SkyDox AIIMs for Education in Collaboration

Written by James Arnall

Today we are proud to announce that SkyDox has become an official trade member of the prestigious global community of informational professionals AIIM Europe. The association provides education, research and certification for knowledge workers, ensuring that the current and future challenges of managing information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud and big data are understood and well met.

This partnership has developed from our existing relationship with the organization and from our previous history of collaboration. We have worked together to educate individuals, businesses, and organisations on how to enhance collaborative efficiency while upholding the highest security standards and adhering to compliance mandates. This has been achieved through hosting two educational webinars on the AIIM website, Escape the Boundaries of SharePoint for Wider Collaboration and Navigating a Changing Business Landscape: How to Enhance Your Collaboration Ecosystem. In addition an on line poll conducted at the end of the second webinar was used as the basis for constructing a research report concerning Workforce Mobilization. This report covers trends in free file sharing and BYOD (bring your own device) as well as their impact on corporate security mandates.

At SkyDox we are excited to continue our work with AIIM, strengthening our relationship with the organization and offering members advice and insights into an unnecessarily complex industry. We believe that our experience will be valuable to all members of the global AIIM community and that our platform will allow users to store, share, collaborate on, and synchronize over 200 file types, streamlining both productivity and efficiency. 

  For the full press release, please click here.

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