Sandler Training Selects SkyDox Collaboration Platform Drive to Drive Operational Efficiency

Written by Andrew Rogers

We are pleased to announce that SkyDox has been selected to provide cloud based services for Sandler Training, the leading provider of sales and management training. Operating in the service sector with a large workforce of knowledge workers, the management of human capital and information is critical.

SkyDox will be providing the framework to develop and deliver content for offsite training and consultancy services, vital for a company which has collaborative teams in 220 offices across Europe, North America and Asia. On top of this, SkyDox will be used to efficiently collate and distribute training resources to the end client. Sandler Training will also be able to take advantage of many other features SkyDox provides, such as live messaging, online meeting and tagged commenting.

Our new partnership with Sandler Training highlights the benefits SkyDox can bring to a business which operates on a truly global basis. The ability to collaborate on a document in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world was one of the main reasons for Sandler Training deciding to adopt the SkyDox platform.

Luke Davies, Managing Director of Sandler Training commented that “SkyDox will become an integral part of our training tool set, helping our clients learn in a collaborative and dynamic environment”. We at SkyDox are looking forward to working with Sandler Training to realise this.

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