Punter Southall Group Selects SkyDox as their collaboration platform of choice.

Written by Alison

We're proud to announce that Punter Southall Group, one of the UK's leading actuarial and investment consultancies have chosen SkyDox as their collaboration platform across their 8 divisions. They'll be using SkyDox to streamline the entire business cycle, from creating and evolving a proposal with a client to developing and distributing research with internal team members as well as clients.

Over the past two years the Group has carried out a complete technology upgrade, including a new datacentre, virtual computing environment, and desktop hardware and software refresh. This has formed a firm foundation upon which the Group can continue to expand rapidly and introduce new products and services for its customers. In its next phase of development, the IT Services department plans to introduce solutions that will underpin and support the continued rapid growth of the business.

SkyDox met their requirement for a collaboration platform that allowed consultants its IT Services staff to to stay connected with their documents and each other wherever they were, all on a highly secure platform. The organizations IT Services department has ve been piloting the use of SkyDox within their own team, and following a successful trial, plan to extend SkyDox to all parts of the business during 2012.

John Rogers, IT Director at Punter Southall Group comments, “We are impressed with the way in which SkyDox has been designed to work the same way people do, supporting their ability to work together and share documents, whilst retaining important controls over security and confidentiality. It offers a tremendous opportunity within the Group, because of its ability to support an entrepreneurial and creative approach to business.”

By deploying SkyDox, Punter Southall Group can continue to innovate and deliver very high standard actuarial, consultancy and investment work.

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