How Marketeers and Agencies Adopt Cloud Technologies to Drive More Efficient Agency/Client Relationships

Written by Joshua Gilbertson


Last week I talked at the TFMA (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) event to over 120 marketeers and their agencies. They were there to find out how the changing consumerization of IT has created opportunities for them to improve the way they work together – helping them achieve more in a shorter time frame during collaboration.

There was a lot of interest in SkyDox’s observations on how client marketing and agency goals are evolving in the current economic climate as well as the issues and opportunities associated with these changes. A lot of the attendees have requested that we post the presentation so they can help build their internal cases for using and taking advantage of next generation cloud sharing and collaboration tools!

So here it is – check it out! Some of the themes that the presentation covered include:

1. Dealing with the growing amount of digital information, and how email remains the main mechanism for sharing and collaboration even though it still creates problems!

2. Serving the growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) in the workplace. How organizations can allow its workforce the freedom to work from anywhere and with anything while remaining in control over internet protocol.

3. How Generation Y is enforcing change! They are demanding simple, easy, instant tools that work in ways they are familiar with, like social business. And if they aren’t supplied these things you can forget corporate policies, they will simply find workarounds, which are likely to be non-authorized and unsafe like DropBox!

The presentation gives some great insight on trends in the space. If you like it you can also take a look at a short case study that we have developed which details how Futurebrand (Part of McCann Worldgroup) is building client relations through the application of cloud enabled file sharing and collaboration tools.

Futurebrand case study

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