Five Good Reasons to use SkyDox for PowerPoint

Written by Alison Johnston


We created SkyDox for PowerPoint because we want to make it easier for you to create, deliver and track your presentations and ideas with others. There are many great reasons to use SkyDox for PowerPoint but here are five ones which will benefit you.
1. You can confidently work from anywhere

By uploading your work to My SkyDox you will have access to your important documents wherever you are. As you work from one version stored in a central place you will always be working on the right version. Never again will you be halfway through a presentation and realise you're using the wrong one!
2. Takes the hassle out of gaining feedback

Skydox for PowerPoint makes gaining feedback easy and can be done using the software's inbuilt communication features, meaning you no longer have to sift through a confusion of emails and notes in different places or chase people for feedback and they can respond in their own time. This is done in three easy steps,

Use the permission settings to make your presentation visible to anyone you wish

SkyDox will send an email to let them know they have access

You will then receive email notifications when someone has accessed or left a comment

You can view all comments against your presentation and slide in one place meaning it's easier to keep track of them all

As you keep control of the presentation you can continue to edit their version, so you can add last minute information or even correct mistakes.
3. Accept, reject or merge changes easily

SkyDox for PowerPoint lets you keep complete control over your documents by managing your team's changes and edits, everything is saved in your secure MySkyDox account online meaning you can jump back to previous versions at any time which saves you worrying about anyone making a mistake or you losing your work.
4. Doesn't clog up Inboxes

Because you no longer have to attach and send your presentation by email you are not sending huge files and clogging up peoples inboxes, keeping your colleagues and IT happy.
5. No more clunky software downloads!

SkyDox for PowerPoint integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint, which means it is always available for you to use and there and is easy to learn. It also means there's no big complex download for you or the people you're working with.

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