Collaborate with Multiple Parties without Leaving PowerPoint

Written by Ainsley

Too many cloud collaboration platforms today make it difficult and complicated for more than one person to work on the same file at the same time. But it shouldn’t be like that. The SkyDox Microsoft Office Plug-In for PowerPoint includes an advanced feature to compare, except, reject and merge changes made by multiple people into the same document..

If you haven’t tried it before, here is why merging changes is the intelligent way to collaborate:

1. It’s easy to get started – you don’t even have to leave PowerPoint. You can download your file from SkyDox cloud store and begin editing immediately.

2. You’ll know if a team member has made changes to your presentation while you were working on it. The Sync button on the right-hand side of the application turns from blue to orange if another user has made changes and saved them to SkyDox.

3. If a colleague has uploaded a new version of the file, it’s simple to merge changes. The SkyDox Plug-In for PowerPoint shows you slide by slide where the changes have been made and you can select whichever slide you want to keep.

4. None of your changes will be lost, even if you keep a different slide. Version rollback is always available if you change your mind or need to refer to a different version.

You can download the SkyDox Plug-In for PowerPoint here. If you want to learn more about merging changes in PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications, check out our support article here.

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